Every mallet is hand-made by me.

About Me

My name is Zachary (Zach) Edwards and I have been making mallets since my senior year of high school. As soon as I discovered that making timpani and bass drum mallets was a thing that a person could do, I started to experiment. I began selling mallets to other students in the percussion studio my freshman year at Texas A&M University-Commerce. During this time, I honed my craft and refined both my technique and mallet designs. Through out my percussion education, I have had the privilege to study under Dr. Brian Zator, Brian Del Signore, Ed Stephan, Brian Jones, Josh Jones, and Dr. Blake Wilkins--each of whom have played an immense role in shaping who I am as a musician. I am currently a DMA student at the University of Houston studying music education and percussion, and frequently perform as a percussionist in various ensembles in the Houston area. I have previously served as pre-k through fourth grade music teacher, as well as choir and Orff Ensemble director at KIPP CONNECT Primary School in Houston, TX.

Every pair of mallets with the Edwards Mallets name is hand made with care by me and only me.